About Us

I grew up in Englewood, Ohio, and my family were always Ohio State Buckeye fans. We were glued to the television whether it was Ohio State Football, Ohio State Basketball, any Ohio State game. I moved away from Ohio but remained a loyal Buckeye fan with a closet full of Ohio State apparel. 

Traveling internationally, I became aware that in United Kingdom, buckeyes are referred to as “conkers”.  In fact, there is a game called “conkers” where children tie buckeyes to strings and swing them at each other to see whose buckeye cracks first.

What a great nickname for the greatest, toughest, college football team ever! “Conker”, like “Conquer” and “Conquerors”! “Conk” also means “to hit on the head; knock out”.  Oh, yeah…on a roll here… 

So, why not a mascot for Conkers and Conker Nation?  Something hard like a Buckeye, and spiny like its shell? 

I hope you enjoy the brand as much as I enjoy supporting my team. Go Bucks!  Go Conkers!